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    FYI     NUC6i7KYK  on Civilization 6 - runs Ok no issues playing



      for those who might be interested, Civ6 benchmark.jpg

      I have benchmarked my NUK Skull on CIv6 - average frame rate was around 15fps, which on a turnbased strategy is fine, I play at 2560 x 1080 all graphics maxed up, the system runs a max temp 86degres C, and the max Fan is 5000RPM.

      Played yesterday for approx 2 hours and had no issues at all, on a small map less developed the FPS rate is much better than on the benchmark, but it playable fine, which in case of a 3D shooter would be a whole different story, but it seems the little devil can handle this game quite well, and I should note the benchmark was done with min RAM of 4GB.