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    2600CO motherboard shuts down after 10 sec start


      If someone could help with this issue

      System was working perfect for a year without any changes.

      Then after I carefully transported it to another place it shuts down in around 10 sec after start.

      And the PSU keeps working.

      As well the system starts without Power swith even being connected to the front panel, just after turning the PSU on.


      So far checked the Videocard, different PSU, battery out-in. Maybe it is usefull to mention that when I plug out the PS connector from any of the CPUs, the system starts without turning off with the another remaining CPU, but showing nothing on a screen.

      Maybe someone could help with that, I would be very greatful.


      The local service charged me 55 euros for looking inside and just said-something with the MB, buy a new one,  not really helpful.

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          Our best recommendation is testing the board on a minimal configuration, if possible out of the chassis. Test the board without processors installed looking for a 1-5-4-2 beep code sequence. Test the system without memory looking for 3 regular beep codes. Test with minimum memory installed. Power cycle the system and clear the CMOS. If the board does not respond at all or is stuck in that restarting loop, we recommend replacing it.