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    Intel S5000PSL CPU Fault




      Im after some advice, ive recently purchased an Intel S5000 board.  I know this is out of support and nearly 10 year old tech, however this is for a project NAS, where I intend to use Nexenta and as such the tech doesnt need to be great as long as its 64Bit.  The problem I have, is that as the board POSTs it detects CPU faults.This is heard through the BMC controller which does the 1-5-2-3 beeps. CPU: Configuration error (e.g., VID mismatch)  Ive tried another set of CPUs at it does the same


      CPUs are E5110 and E5320.


      There are no other errors.  I cant figure this out.  I do get to see the splash screen, but cant access the BIOS, and it just goes through the intel PXE boot cycle???


      The power supply isnt the best its an Artic Blue+ 850  could this be the issue?  Loathed to spend more on a PSU if its a board fault and vice-versa


      Does anyone have any suggestions.