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    Intel CPU batch numbers for Haswell-E CPUs

    PC Guy_5960

      I have found this information...

      -First digit is the location: Majority of Intel chips will have L as the first digit indicating Malaysia
      0 = San Jose, Costa Rica
      1 = Cavite, Philippines
      3 = Costa Rica
      6 = Chandler, Arizona
      7 = Philippines
      8 = Leixlip, Ireland
      9 = Penang, Malaysia
      L = Malaysia
      Q = Malaysia
      R = Manila, Philippines
      Y = Leixlip, Ireland


      -Second digit is the year in which it was produced
      -Third and fourth digits are the week in the year in which it was produced
      -Fifth digit, if it is A it means less voltage and more heat and if it is B, more voltage and less heat
      -Sixth, Seventh and eighth digits indicate the batch.


      My questions now...

      1. What does J stand for????? (I can't find that location anywhere, but they say that they are among the best you can get)
      2. Are they unique? (I mean, is it possible to have the same batch number as someone else?)