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    Slow wireless speeds w/Intel AC7260 wifi adapter


      Using linksys Gigabit AC5400/EA9500 router


      hi, i have a very, very simiiar issue to the following posts


      Wireless-AC 7260 Slow Speeds 



      i'll reiterate context here:


      i'm running into the exact same problem.  however, i did turn my att router wifi off (as a one user recommended) and that did help a lot.  however, that was jutst for my iphone 6s as my speeds went up from 250mbps to 450mbps using speedsmart iphone app. this was just by turning the wireless off at the att router.


      however, when testing from my lenovo yogo 2 laptop, windows 10 64bit using an intel ac7260 adapter speeds still remained between 190-280mbps using beta.speedtest.net, speedtest.net and speedsmart.net. 


      i have the same intel 7260ac card and have tried a bazillion different settings with latest firmware as even recommended on the net and intel's site own community support site.  my link speed says 870mbps when i pull up properites in network wireless status form/window i'm still only getting 250mbps.  however, hard lan line i get 890mbps down.


      I have prettty much tried every suggestion including updated drivers pert the following post:  Wireless-AC 7260 Slow Speeds to no avail.


      i'm using a linksys giiga bit router model ac5400 mu0mmo EA9500 and i'm pretty sure everything is setup and fine tuned on that end as I have already picked their support people via 2-3 support calls.  seems to be an issue with the ac7260 netward card?  not sure how I can test this as I don't have access to another access point with known good 500+mpbs wireless download to test my wifi speeds on my lenovo with the intel ac7260.


      any one have a similar use case and what was the solve?  thx!

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello Shayska,

          As I understand, you are getting a slow connection using your Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260, and the issue persists after multiple actions.

          I would like to recap some of the actions mentioned in other forums that can help in this type of case:

          - Apply the configuration from the advisory: Recommended Settings for 802.11n Connectivity 

          - In the Advanced Properties of your AC 7260, set U-APSD support to "Disabled". If this does not help, set it to "Enabled"

          - Set the Windows* Power plan's advanced settings to use the Wireless Adapter for "Maximum Performance".

          - Make sure that WMM is enabled in the Access Point.

          - Check the Access Point configuration and confirm that Media Prioritization (or other bandwidth control option) is Disabled, or at least giving high priority to this PC.

          - Also, make sure your network is set to work in 802.11ac mode.

          If the issue persists, download Intel® System Support Utility, run the tool and use it to create and save a report with all sections, then add your reply to this thread and use the Advanced editor options to attach the resulting file to your post.
          Also, let us know if this adapter came built from factory with your PC.


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            Intel Corporation
            This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

            Hello Shayska,

            We haven't seen any new post for this topic. Let us know if there was any change after the actions recommended, or in case you require further assistance.