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    DX38BT Will Not Post After Desktop Control Processor Tweek


      I just installed Windows 7 64-Bit. Everything working fine. Last program I installed was Intel Desktop Control Center. The program worked fine and it pulled up the info that I had set previously, did not realize it modifies the bios, (its been a while since I built a PC). I have E8400 dual core, it was running fine at 3.2GHz.


      Here is where I got greedy, I changed the processore frequency to 388, thinking I can push the processor to 3.5GHz (x9 mutiplier). As soon as I hit "ok" I got the blue screen, some activity on screen and my PC shut off...


      My PC will not boot. I messed with the BIOS jumper, moved to bios setting (I can get some boot activity but can't get into bios), and removed the jumper alltogether to re-set but nothing. Any suggestions? promise not to tweak again lol