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    Hard Drive :Samsung 2TB SATA (7200 Rpm) + 32GB SSD (Intel SRT) not bootable


      I have a desktop with Samsung 2TB SATA (7200 Rpm) + 32GB SSD (Intel SRT), Memory : 12288MB (2x4GB + 2x2GB) 1600MHz DDR3 Dual Channel (2012). Since august when I start the computer the cursor it is blinking for a while, twice appearance of dell logo and then the info that pc is not bootable and status disabled.  See screenshot. 

      After 2 or 3 times setting of the pc and several on/off with some luck the pc is running. 

      The bios installed is (see screenshot) an no updates found. When I have started Intel Rapid Storage Technologie says everything is working normal.


      Please any help is more then welcome to get a smooth start.