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    Hello Intel PlZ a Stable Bios Update 4 Intel DP35DP Mobo And Audio Drivers 4 Windows 7!!


      Hello Intel...


      So many Users are having 3 series motherboards and i'm talking about midrange media series mottherboard Intel DP35DP. not fully compatible with windows 7 from intel's side but from my side windows 7 in intel DP35DP is faster than any OS,Only Compatibility problems is that i figured Intel Management Engine Interface Driver and Idt Audio Drivers Are Missing,Plz an Update and the bios 4 this mobo is not stable at all latest 0572 has some serious  problems like cannot downgrade to lower version ,only way to get old version via Jumper removing and from 0507 - 0572 has some compatibility issues with Sony DVD DRU-810A DVD Burners, when using these Version Bios cannot boot any DVD or CD Just Hang at post or Bypass to OS... Plz FIx These Strange Issues,How could we throw these motherboards,Mine is only 4 months old, I can't>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>