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    NUC5i3RYH not working with Toshiba dynadock


      Just got a NUC5i3RYH, put in the SSD and RAM, installed Win7 32bit, did Intel & Win7 updates, then the drivers for my Toshiba Dynadock (USB 3.0 hub for monitor and speakers. Unplugged the monitor (to hook it back up to the Dynadock) and when I turned my NUC back on, I had no desktop, just wallpaper and the cursor (working, and it's plugged into the Dynadock), also heard beeps through Dynadock speakers. Since the sound and mouse worked (right click was available but not all items), I assume this isn't USB related.


      So, I did Ctrl+Alt+Del and instead of getting to Task Manager, the screen went black. Tried a hard reboot and not even the Bios screen came up. Hooked it back up directly to the monitor, and still nothing. I have a NUC5i5RYH that works with the Dynadock, as well as an i7 Toshiba laptop and AMD laptop.


      Took it in to a computer shop yesterday, to see if they could reinstall Win7 with the same graphics drivers version that worked with the 5i5. Got it back today, hooked it up, and ... no desktop and same results with Ctrl+Alt+Del. It's almost like using Ctrl+Alt+Del disables the graphics adapter.


      I'm at my wit's end (which with computers isn't that long of a journey). Without the Dynadock, my new NUC5i3RYH is a $250 paperweight, so any insight would be appreciated (and yes, I've Googled the problem to death).

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello PBzeer ,


          I am sorry to  hear you are having issues with your Intel® NUC Kit NUC5i3RYH and the Dock.


          Please try the following:


          1. Connect only the display/monitor to the dock, and test it out
          2. If it works, start adding one device at the time
          3. Try to access the BIOS with the monitor connected directly to the NUC (no dock)


          Some information that is required from my end:

          A. Intel SSU report
          B. The driver versions (last 4 digits) that have been tested on the system


          How to get the SSU report?

          -Access: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/25293/Intel-System-Support-Utility
          -Download the utility
          -Scan your system with the utility
          -Export the report (hit next and then save) and attach it to your answer with the advanced editor option (reply button and then check upper right corner)


          Additionally, please note Intel does not recommend using adapters or in this case docking station to set their devices, since we cannot assure they will work with the unit.

          Hope I can hear from you.


          Esteban C

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            Turned out to be a ghost monitor was the problem. Not sure how ctrl+alt+del changed which monitor to view (when I only have one), but once I got the wallpaper up, was able to navigate to screen resolution page with the mouse and made this monitor the only one showing the desktop, and I'm good to go.