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    After passing some traffic getting error tx_burst failed at lcore(1), port (0)


      Hello Experts,


      I am facing problem with one of my application with DPDK. Please find below

      details of my setup,


      Host - Ubuntu 14.04 with KVM-QEMU(4.2.0-27-generic) 64 bit

      Guest - Ubuntu 14.04(3.13.0-24-generic) 64 bit

      DPDK - 16.04 running in VM

      Huge page - 2000(2MB) on guest VM

      Intel NIC 350 T-4

      Configured grub parameter - intel_iommu=on, iommu=pt

      Using 4 core with DPDK


      Now when I start traffic, DPDK start processing traffic and for 15-20

      minutes everything works fine.


      Then after a while DPDK stops processing traffic and I can see error on log

      like tx_burst failed at lcore(1), port (0).


      I checked DPDK process health and I do not see any problem with that like

      hang or crash.


      Any help or lead will be appreciated.