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    Hi guys i got a es cpu qbb1 es 2.0 ghz


      Hi guys i got a es cpu qbb1 es 2.0 ghz L134b808 e4 lga1155 core i5 3rd gen. I read about es cpu it says if es cpu gets sucsesfull it releases to public. So i wanna know if my es cpu succeeded. If it's i want to know which public cpu is made from my es cpu?

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          Hello Tulga_bembika:
          In regard to your inquiry, if what you mean is that your processor is ES (Engineering Sample), then, those type of processor are not supposed to be sold separately to end users, those processors are for testing purposes, so if you use it, the PC might have different kind of problems that will be expected when you use that processor, and it will not be released to public, and they do not have warranty support.
          On the following link you will see the models of the processor that are available for public:
          Also on the next link you will be able to see further details about engineering samples:
          So, the best thing to do will be to get in contact with the place of purchase and verify if they can replace it or if they can do a refund for it.
          Any questions, please let me know.