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    i7-3630qm throttles to 1200 Mhz at less then 70°C if Turbo Boost is enabled


      I have an Asus laptop with hm76 Ivy Bridge chipset with Intel i7-3630qm, the CPU is 2.4Ghz and can Boost up to 3.4Ghz.

      What happens is the CPU throttles to x12 (1.2Ghz) when Turbo Boost is enabled, this at less than 70°C, the TCC activation temperature should be 95°C!

      The bios has the latest microcode patch v. 1C from Intel and before had the v. 15.

      I made a test with cinebench and monitored the behavior of the cpu with Intel Power Gadget, ThrottleStop and SpeedFan, I made a video.

      As you can see what happens is if I disable Turbo Boost with ThrottleStop the multiplier goes straight to x24 and the temperature goes up yet no PROCHOT signal is sent.

      If I disable BD BROCHOT the temperature goes up but never arrives to 95° .. it arrives to 80° / 81° C.

      So what is going on with this CPU??


      I am now uploading the video to youtube and it will appear here YouTube


      here another video, geekbench with prochot disabled:


      i7 3630qm geekbench on Asus x301a with prochot disabled - YouTube


      and here enabled: