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    How do I get Intel Graphics application to work on streamed videos ?


      I have a Skylake CPU that has an Intel 530 GPU. My new laptop has IPS panel and I feel videos look a bit dark and slightly over-saturated. The overall brightness of the display is at a comfortable level; only videos look darker than what I like. I have been able to overcome this issue by making some changes in the Intel driver's application. There's a section called "Video" where I can adjust global video settings such as brightness, contrast, hue etc. The changes I've made are in effect in all the video players I've tested. Videos are now a little brighter and less saturated than before. The problem I'm facing is that the changes I've made are ignored or not enforced when playing/streaming videos through web browsers like Chrome/Firefox. As I consume a lot of video content daily, this is a real issue for me. Is there something I can do for the changes I've made in the Intel driver's s to be enforced by web browsers when streaming/playing videos ?


      PS: I've tried enabling hardware acceleration in Chrome, but it didn't make a difference.