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    Skull canyon 3d printed top with fan


      Hi does anyone tried to cool down the Nuc skull canyon with a custom 3D printed top with a USB fan? 100 degrees celsius at stress thest is a very scary result, please let me know if any one thought of cooling the system down. As well I hope to reduce the noice under full load, that is really too much.


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          Intel Corporation
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          Actually, 100C will be expected if you are stressing the processor with benchmark software. 
          The maximum processor temperature is 100C. This is expected. 

          See processor specifications: http://ark.intel.com/products/93341/Intel-Core-i7-6770HQ-Processor-6M-Cache-up-to-3_50-GHz


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            Hi Allan,

            sure the Max is 100 and I dont know for how much time the CPU can safely handle that I got today a max of 91 while gaming for aprox 30 min, but I go with Cooling on cool settings and power on low performance, considering that the temp is still quite high, but that does not answer my question, I'm looking for a way to make my nuc cooler and quieter,

            since the top could easily fit 2x low profile fans, I'm just asking if there is a 3D print model or if someone tried to add the fans if that even would help?


            I love the little one, but the noise is for my tast too loud, its like a small turbine under heavy load, and I did not buy a i7 m.2 SDD piece for webrowsing, that could do a LattePanda without noise, I bought this as a portable highend PC and from all of the payoffs you must do considering the small size the noise is the most disturbing for me.

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              For best cooling, my recommendation is to set the parameters as follows:


                  Fan Control Mode:                      Custom

                  Minimum Duty Cycle (%)            40

                  Primary Temperature Sensor      Processor

                  Minimum Temperature (°C)        63

                  Duty Cycle Increment (%/°C)      3


              If you can find a similarly-sized product that is properly cooled without this level of noise, feel free to go with it (though I can tell you that none exists today). Fact is, to cool this kind of processor as much as is necessary is going to get loud. You cannot use a fan to cool a box this small (well, not without making it bigger); you are forced to use a blower - and blowers are much less efficient (air movement per revolution) and thus much louder.



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                Usually there is a concept for airflow in a small case like the NUC.

                Chances are, that an additional fan on top would just disturb the airflow within the case and cooling wouldn't be improved at all.

                Maybe cooling would even become worse.


                Running a fast quad-core with nearly no throttling produces heat.

                Running a fast integrated GPU on top of that quad-core produces even more heat.


                As mentioned by Scott, you can change the Fan control parameters which will bring down the temps but will make the NUC more noisy.

                In case you don't know how those parameters work, here is a short explanation.


                Minimum Duty Cycle (%)         => Defines the minimum speed of the fan

                Minimum Temperature (°C)     => Defines the temperature where the duty cycle starts

                Duty Cycle Increment (%/°C)  => Defines the increment of fan speed in percent per degree


                So if the temperature is below the "Minimum Temperature", the fan runs at "Minimum Duty Cycle".

                If the temperature reaches the "Minimum Temperature", the fan speed increases by "Duty Cycle Increment" per degree.


                If we go with Scotts example, the fans run with a minimum of 40%. By reaching 63 degrees, the fan speed starts to increase 3% per degree.

                At 65 degrees CPU temp, the fan therefore runs at 49% (40% + 3 * 3°C).


                Maybe re-pasting the cpu or the use of cooling pads could have a positive effect but i don't think this will make a big difference.

                If you are lucky, you get a few degrees improvement.





                I guess the best way to handle temps while gaming with the NUC is to change the fan control parameters in the bios or to use an external GPU.

                This way the CPU load is handled by the NUC and the GPU load is handled by an external, separately cooled graphics card.




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                  mk77ch, thanks a lot for your reply you might be right with the design of the airflow and interference.

                  I have elevated the NUC made sure he has intake and outbound space, my iddle temp is 51degrees Cel.with 2777 RPM on the fan, that is fine and acceptable.

                  I will soon get my hands on the PCIE external GPU set (have the Dell 8 pin power supply, 1060 GTX and the pcb PCI 16x to M.2 is on the way) so I will see how that will impact the overall noise and temperature on gaming.

                  Looking really forward to get decent external USB type C GPUs, as soon as they will come to the marked in decent numbers and variations.

                  If you are interested I can share some pics here, as soon as I will get it up and running

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                    thank you, you are welcome


                    yes sure, share some pictures if you get it working, this would be great to see.

                    i am hoping that intel will soon come up with a fix to make the graphics dock from acer working.


                    the nuc is a great little device because of its small form-factor, the thunderbolt-adapter and the powerful quad-core.

                    in terms of gaming, even if from a scientific point of view, the iris 580 for sure is an impressive chip, in real world gaming performance it still will be outperformed by pretty much every dedicated gpu and egpu. by adding the temperature issues when stressing cpu and gpu at the same time, this device nearly screams for an egpu :-D


                    so yes, lets hope that for example intel itself will soon come up with a nice solution.

                    at least there have been some amd intel x-connect pictures floating around for a while ;-)


                    i personally believe there is a huge potential for mobile egpu solutions. small and lightweight.

                    imagine something like the device on the picture with a gtx 970m or a gtx 980m...




                    best regards,


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                      Yes I saw that some people have issues with exactly this eGPU dock, it would be great to have it working esp. if Acer would make a GTX 1060 version of it That is what I dont like on the Razor solution or any other eGPU concepts so far, they are as big as a complete ITX computer, I want something small fitting to my NUC, Acer hit it with the doc, just the GPU there is not todays standard, therefore I will try the EVGA 1060 mini, its a ITX quite small cart, hope to make small enclosure so the lay out would not be bigger than the NUC it self, It will just be taller, but I can accept that, give me a few weeks and I will share it, when I'm done.

                      But yes is Acer comes with his box with Pascal GPU, and intel fixes the driver that will be a no brainer