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    Edison MCU's questions: debug, latence, reset



      Edison has IPC build in to communication between Host CPU and MCU.

      By referening Using an MCU on the Intel® Edison Board with the Ultrasonic Range Sensor | Intel® Software , I have a few question about debugging and latence of IPC.

      Host CPU write command to MCU:

      f.write('get_distance\n') # Send command to MCU


      and then read back the result:

      line = f.readline() # Read response from MCU, -1 = ERROR

      ---Will the CPU wait for MCU's feedback result always?   (wait MCU do ' host_send(buf, len);' ) 

      ---What will happen if MCU don't feedback the result?


      Is there any simple tool to simulate the 'Host' or 'MCU' ?  or the console command?  (Yes I know the 'cat' command can monitor the MCU's debug_printf contents).

      Or I must write python program on Host and C on the MCU?

      How to debug them side by  side?


      Another question is about 'reset' -- after download code into MCU, the kernel will 'reset' -- cost a lot of time.