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    5100 AGN overload generates disconnexion ?


      Hi all,

      I'm wondering if you have experienced such:

      When I challenge my new DELL under Windows7 64 bits (automatic updates enabled) with Firefox (3.6) by opening several new web pages, downloading few files (1 or 2), having Skype/MSN open, maybe some software update checks and playing online at the same time, it appears that my wireless card gets nuts: either it is completely disconnected, either (and this is VERY strange) I can see all my neighbour's wireless gateways, but not mine (?!)

      Could you try on your side and tell me if you experience such ?

      Today, the only solution I've found is to reduce my online activity, but this is not a 'real' solution to me...

      For those who will ask: yes, I have the latest driver (


      Look for your answers,


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          Yes, I have the same issue with 5300 AGN in Windows 7 x64 with the latest driver. I also have BSODs. It seems like there's an issue

          with 5100 and 5300 under Windows 7 x64 with the current driver since a lot of people are having the same issues / symptoms. Personally I'm just waiting and hoping that Intel acknowledge and address the problem soon. Windows 7 has been out for some time now.