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    intermittent issue with infrared receiver...




      I have an Intel NUC (D54250WYK) running Windows 7 Pro 64-bit and has been working fine up until a month or so ago, and the issue is intermittent making it difficult to troubleshoot.


      Every 2-3 times when the NUC wakes up, my remote control is no longer able to control the system. A simple reboot resolves the issue for a day or two, but then it comes back. One thing in particular that I found odd, is that the remote control is actually able to wake up the PC, but once Windows is up and running again it no longer accepts commands from the remote.  A further thing I noticed that even putting the NUC back to sleep, waking it up again will resolve the issue temporarily.


      I've completely removed the drivers and reinstalled but it hasn't corrected the issue. And none of my searches so far have yielded any solution to fix the problem.


      Some of the other standard things I've tried:

      SFC - to scan/verify the Windows system files

      Disk check

      Virus scan

      I was hoping to try using one of the restore points, but they unfortunately do not go back far enough to when this wasn't an issue.