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    New HP Omen gaming laptop, blackscreen when watching video full screen.


      Hello, I have just purchased this new HP omen gaming laptop and I have had nothing but trouble with it.  The specs are, Intel i7 6700HQ 2.6ghz CPU with Intel HD 530 Integrated Graphics, GeForce GTX 965m 4GB GDDR Ram, 12GB DDR4 Memory, Samsung 850 Evo SSD HDD. The exact model number is hp omen 17-w033dx. I run a 24" BenQ gaming monitor on the HDMI port as my main monitor, and leave the laptop display as my secondary monitor.  When I extend my desktop like I usually do on my older Alienware laptop, I am unable to playback video on browsers in full screen.  I have tried chrome, MS edge, Firefox.  All produce a black screen while audio is fine.  I updated all the drivers, BIOS, windows, everything.  I even tried Intels Beta Drivers to no avail.  I have searched for weeks on a fix and was about to return this thing, to find out I was a day past the return date and am now stuck with it.  I found numerous fixes all which have not worked.  The only thing that allows me to have fullscreen playback was disabled hardware acceleration in the browser which works, but wont work for what I need.


      I have noticed a few things now.  1, if I change the resolution of the secondary display, my internal laptop display, it plays full screen no problem.  If I make it my primary monitor, it plays no problem, which then I cannot game on my big external monitor.

      Also, if I disable Intel graphics and only use geforce, it works as well, but then battery life is gone when im on the move. I have seen 100's of forum posts with hundreds of people reporting this on Intel as well, so I am drawing closer to the conclusion its due to the new Skylake CPUs.  This is totally unacceptable in my book, as it defeats the purpose of having the HDMI output, and wont allow basic things to work.


      Has anyone got a fix for this yet?  I know I am not the only one.  I found a few people successful changing settings in BIOS, but unfortunately HP locks the bios down which had I'd known that I would have never purchased it in the first place most likely.  Which reminds me, I hate that my USB ports wont turn off when I put the thing to sleep, and I cannot get the settings in bios to do it, as windows settings dont override it and they stay on keeping my laptop cooler on all day and night unless I do a full shutdown, and my cat bumps my mouse and wakes it up as well, even with wakeup disabled in windows... Also the wonderful weird ticking noise coming from the power brick when its off seems odd too. I think I may have just got a garbage unit? Anyways, back on topic.



      So before someone tells me that I need to disable hardware acceleration, I want to state that this does allow me to fullscreen video, however it causes extreme FPS drops during league of legends while recording with plays.tv.  So this is unacceptable. Especially given my 2013 Alienware laptop with half the power of this machine can watch a stream on 1080p fullscreen on laptop screen, play LoL on max settings while recording on 1080p and listening to spotify, and stay at capped FPS all day.


      Please if anyone has any information let me know.