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    Am I properly reinstalling HD3000 graphics drivers?


      I'm stuck. I have a Windows 7 Pro machine that boots to a black screen with a cursor instead of the login prompt, though if I tap some keys like enter and tab I'll get some blue squares where probably windows are appearing.


      I can boot to safe mode and log in. I can then disable or uninstall the video adapter and boot into the normal Windows. But if I install the Intel drivers for the HD3000 integrated video, the black screen will be there waiting for me when I reboot.


      I've tried with and without external monitors connected.


      I've tried uninstalling the drivers from the programs and features menu (also selecting to completely remove the drivers), and I've uninstalled them through the device manager. I then reboot before installing the Intel drivers again. I've tried the version on Panasonic's website as well as the latest version from Intel's website. Results have been the same every time.


      Are there registry keys left behind somewhere that I could try deleting? Perhaps some more thorough method of removal? Something more creative? All ideas welcome!


      System specs:

      Panasonic Toughbook CF53 (A)

      Windows 7 Pro 32 bit

      Intel 2520M CPU w/ HD 3000 integrated video

      4GB RAM


      This system has just been restored to a standard corporate image, so it's unfortunately as close to factory as it is going to get. System restore won't be an option since it has never been in a working state. Startup repair hasn't been an option due to the corporate full disk encryption that seems to make the disk unreadable at that point. I've tried but it fails and I can't find any drivers to use in the recovery environment for this BeCrypt Disk Encryption.