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    ich tco watchdog driver / sdk / service on windows


      Hello everybody,


      I am not sure if this is the right place to ask this question but I'll give it a try anyway!


      I am a software developer for a company where we deliver full hardware and software solutions running on both Linux and Windows.

      On Linux we are able to use the hardware watchdog for Intel cpus that support it without any issues since there is already a tco watchdog driver available. However on Windows currently we don't have watchdog support. I have been searching the web for information regarding Intel watchdog drivers / sdk / services on Windows but I have found nothing so far to my surprise..


      I have noticed that the Intel XTU program on Windows does include a watchdog driver (iccwdt.sys) so clearly Intel does have watchdog drivers for Windows but is there any code available so we can communicate with it? I am not a driver developer and I really, would like to avoid having to write my own driver to solve this but surely Intel must already have a workable solution for this?


      I appreciate all feedback!