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    Intel Graphics 5500 huge, unplayable, horrible, square blanket of terror


      Hello, I've recently bought the intel i5-5200U processor, which is awesome, and comes with 5500 graphics, which seem to be total and complete garbage.

      I literally can't do anything graphic at all, because everything is covered in tiny little squares, all the time.  Every single program that needs graphics. 

      They look like this in Minecraft.  I can see the game and even play it behind the squares, but they're always there.  If I move in-game, everything that isn't

      a black square moves, but obviously the screen is covered in black squares and therefore completely unplayable.  Screenshots below.

      This is not only in Minecraft, but I only have screenshots of that game.  Everything else is the same.

      Can someone help me not have the worst first impression of Intel integrated graphics?  Thanks, and sorry for the rage.

      I was really excited for this laptop and I've been really let down by this aspect so far.  Thanks again!