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    QuickSync get stuck after 2 reconfigurations


      We have some strange issue with QuickSync encoder. During normal encoding we doing 2 reconfigurations (MFXVideoENCODE_Reset). After that, encoder stucks in following state:

      1. All sync points completed (no active sync points).

      2. 6 frames locked by quicksync, i.e. Locked = 1.

      3. EncodeFrameAsync returns MFX_WRN_DEVICE_BUSY warning while trying to submit next frame or flush.

      So in this state I can not submit next frame to encoder and there is nothing to read from encoder (bitstream).


      We added detection for this case and restart encoder when this situation detected. And this works fine when I submit frames in video memory. But in case when buffers in system memory submitted, encoding ends in 8 locked frames and waiting in memory allocator for first available buffer to submit 9th frame. So app freezes in this state.

      We using Intel Media SDK 2016 R2 ( I have dump already with mentioned freeze and can provide it, and will also provide more info as soon as I get that from test team.