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    ACUConfig failed with error 75 does not have an onboard wired network card on Dell Mobile Precision 5510 notebook.


      We have a Dell Mobile Precision 5510 notebook. We are unable to remote provision this system due to the error below:


      Exit with code 75 - Failed to complete remote configuration of this Intel(R) AMT device.Details: Configuring via RCS is not possible because this computer does not have an onboard wired network card.


      ACUConfig failed with error 75


      This notebook only has an Intel Wi-Fi network adapter. Dell stated that this system is equipped with Intel AMT technologies. Additionally, after manually entering the configuration via the MEBx BIOS we are unable to access the Intel Web-UI via http://mysystem.mycompany.corp:16992/


      Tried to configure using the USB thumb drive and it fails with "Error applying IPv4 parameters"


      We have other Dell Latitude Models that have no issues with remote provisioning.


      Please help.

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          A I have already explained  Intel AMT Remote Configuration (from unconfigured state) requires Wired AMT LAN.

          On Wireless only devices  ACUconfig.exe  will discover this fact and will fail to send request to RCS as it knows Intel ME will not accept remote configuration over WiFi interface at all.


          Using USB One Touch local configuration shall not attempt to configure (not existing) Intel AMT Wired LAN IP to use DHCP (or static IP) at all -as ...such interface does not exist so can't be configured.

          Not sure if USB file creator build into ACUWizard allows it if you choose Mobile device (probably not).

          You shall use USBFile.exe tool  from Intel AMT SDK http://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/download-the-latest-intel-amt-software-development-kit-sdk  (AMT_SDK_11.0.0.35.zip\Windows\Intel_AMT\Bin\Configuration\USBFile folder).


          use it with following command USBfile.exe -create setup.bin admin <Your new MEBx Passw0rd> -amt -conf 1 -passPolicyFlag 2 -v 3 -scramble
          if you configured Intel AMT manually or via USB already - after unprovision of Intel AMT MEBx Password will stay as configured so you will have to use it instead of factory default "admin" in above script)

          Anyway USB or Manual Intel AMT configuration does not set up Intel AMT WiFi (yet) - this us why you can't reach it over Web UI over WiFi.


          You have to enable it via Local AMT Web UI or Host Based Configuration on already configured AMT) - for both you need Intel LMS to be loaded and running - download Intel MEI SW package from your OEM  support web  or try Intel drivers that can be found at  http://downloadcenter.intel.com
          ex . https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/26136/Intel-Management-Engine-Driver-5M-for-Intel-NUC-Windows-7-8-1

          for AMT 8 or newer you may use any MEI Driver 8 or newer so MEI DRV 11 will work across all AMT 8-11 systems, for AMT 6 & 7 you need same version of MEI SW package as ME FW version.

          • Local Web UI - open  go to Wireless Settings, set it Enabled in S0, Sx/AC and add your WiFi network profile to Intel AMT WiFi Admin profiles list in the Profiles.
          • Host Based Configuration - create your AMT profile with your WiFi network settings profile added in Network Configuration > WiFi Connection.
            Perform Host Based Configuation with ACUconfig.exe  - using /AdminPassword <your new MEBx Password as configured via USB or manually>  as ACUConfig parameter!



          Dariusz Wittek

          Intel  EMEA Biz Client Solution Architect