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    Parallelization Problem with i7-6900k


      I bought an i7-6900k on 11 October 2016.


      For several days, I did'nt find any problem with this processor working with my software ANSYS Fluent (as my main concern for doing my thesis). I was freely force the simulation in 8 cores.


      But after a week, one day my PC suddenly restarted itself. After that, I can only use 3 cores for my simulation software. I have already reinstalled the software: problem still occur, reinstalled windows: problem still occur, refresh bios: problem still occur.

      error message I noticed when I use parallelization more than 3 cores is: 6: unable to find rpvar.... (as attached below)


      I want to claim warranty of my processor, but I dont know what to say, because the problem don't show up for daily use. It only appears for that specific software after a week.


      What should I do?

      Can I claim warranty for this?


      Thank you.



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