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    Board not recognised when flashing


      Hello all,

      I would like to ask the community's help for a problem I cannot get around. I have an Edison which I have been trying get started with. I have meticulously followed the instructions for installing the firmware as provided on the Intel website onto a Windows 7 64-bit machine. When the automatic "intel_edison_setup_win_v2016.2.007.exe" module didn't work, I set about a manual installation by downloading the Yocto Poky image from here (Downloads for Intel® Edison Module | IoT | Intel® Software). As you can see in the attached images, the board is recognised on the computer but it never gets detected for the purposes of installing the firmware. To me, these symptoms seem to contradict each other. There are some tutorials (such as this one Getting Started with Intel Edison Part 2: Updating Linux - YouTube) which suggest copying the contents of the Yocto image to the drive itself, then flashing it using the serial connection. However when I do this with the latest version, it says there isn't enough space on the drive.

      Thank you in advance for your assistance.