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    Sudden issue with 82579V on ASUS P8P67-D


      Hello, I hope this is the right place for this, my apologies if not.


      A few days ago my internet connection began to fail by beginning a loop of: Network cable unplugged, Enabled, Identifying..

      I initially thought the ISP was at fault but since my motherboard has two NIC's (Intel 82579V and Realtek 8111E) I tried plugging the RJ45 cable into the second port. It began to work again. 


      So far this is what I've observed:


      - The connection through Intel 82579V is stuck in the unplugged, enabled, identifying loop.


      - Setting line speed to 10Mbps full duplex on 82579V will stop the loop, but run only at 10% line speed (my internet speed is 100Mbps).


      - The drivers ASUS provides on its website do not work: The installer claims "Cannot install drivers. No Intel(R) Adapters are present in this computer."


      - The latest driver from Intel does work, partially. Properties window in device manager takes suspiciously long to show up, no loop at 100mbps full duplex but the line is very unstable. Speedtest shows fluctuations from 15Mbps to 80Mbps.


      - Rolling back to the original Intel drivers brings the problem back.


      - Running on the Realtek 8111E provides a constant, stable 94Mbps on auto negotiated 100Mbps full duplex.


      - 82579V still shows lights when cable plugged in.


      - Device Manager reports no issues.


      - Attempted to test connection with a "try-it" version of Ubuntu, both NIC's work however neither were able to access Speedtest or any website claiming to measure internet speed.


      Any help with this issue?