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    cannot initialize new disk in disk manager with RST installed


      Hi forum


      I have an ASUS H87M-E mainboard and 1 SATA SDD (OS) and a SATA HDD for data. It has a fresh (by OEM) Windows 10 installed with iRST as well.


      Now I wanted to add a third HDD to this system. But Windows Disk Manager cannot initialize this disk. I get a CRC data error. I've tested the disk in another system and it didn't complain.  I can format it, diskpart it and so on - but as soon as I install this disk into my system above I failes to initialize the disk. SMART values are fine. The disk works fine in a Win7 and Win10 System. So something must be wrong with my system above.


      I've seen, this system has iRST installed. On boot up I got an iRST error in the windows 10 notification area. In the iRST the current status states: "Your system reports one or more events and data may be at risk" (translated from german) with an alert symbol (white cross on red background). But both disks, the SSD and the HDD are having a green check icon. There is now alert icon (yellow) to indicate a missing disk or a degraded RAID. Therefore I'm a little bit lost here. Why do I get an error on startup and the status tells the same when both disks are available with fault free SMART values?


      My investigation lead me the device manager to check the 3rd disk. But there wasn't a 3rd disk but a "Intel Storage Volume" listed. So I assume the iRST converts my 3rd disk somehow into a Intel Storage Volume (same size) which I cannot initialize. But why? This 3rd disk isn't listed in the iRST!


      I've read a lot iRST threads and one thing differs from other user: My SSD disk has not only the green check icon but also a ribbon with 3 white dots which the HDD does not have.


      Could it be that nevertheless a RAID was set up but iRST does not show this information (missing RAID disks)?

      Why does a "Intel RAID Volume" popup in the device manager as soon as I install the 3rd disk?

      And why can i not initialize this "Intel RAID Volume"? actually, I'd like to get rid off this volume in the device manager and want to have a single 3rd drive - just like the others. What is iRST messing up?


      many thanks