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    Problem with Intel HD 530 on i7 6700k (black screen when installing driver)




      I have a Z170 Pro Gaming with i7 6700K. My Nvidia is on vacation, so I wanted to use the integrated graphic card. I use Windows 10 Anniversary Update (1607).

      But when i'm installing the driver to use it, I have a black screen with no cursor. I must reboot the computer, and the only way to uninstall the Intel driver is to boot in safe mode.

      I precise I uninstalled all the Nvidia driver with Display Driver Uninstaller before.


      So, I tried all the driver since 2015 to the last of 2016 (beta 15.40.4530), still not working. I also tried reinstalling all the Intel drivers from scratch, same result.


      My screen is an Asus ROG PG278Q, and I don't have any HDMI or VGA to test with. The only output is Display Port.


      So, I blocked the automatic driver update of Windows Update, and run with the standard base graphic card of Microsoft for the moment. But I want to know what is wrong with this integrated graphic card.


      Please can someone help ?

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