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    Fabric reset IoT intel gateway


      Hi All,


      During a workshop we made many changes in the IoT Gateway. Now I want to fabric reset it.

      I tried doing it using the option in the gateway page but it did not work.

      I am having many issues. Node-red is not loading the nodes and I can see sensor data anymore.

      Can anyone help me?

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          I attended the Intel IoT workshop as well. Not sure what you mean by "fabric reset it" but if you want to restore the IoT gateway to the factory installed OS, you can do that by logging in to the gateway, click on Administration, and click on the blue button that reads "Restore to Factory OS".


          After you restore the OS, you have a lot of packages that need to be updated! Without the updates the gateway functions poorly in my experience. And the updating process itself is not fool-proof. See my post regarding the corrupt rpmbd