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    Intel NUC6i3SYk - Ethernetport loosing connection


      We have 30+ NUC6i3SYK in two "course/class -room" environments, all cabled connections. We see too often that the NUC's are loosing connection to the network, and have found that this -sometimes- occurs after the monitor is moved/tilted/lifted.   As the NUC resides on the back of the monitor, we have checked if any eth. cables are too thight/short, but all have good margins.

      We have similar solutions (computer classrooms) with other brands/makes (Lenovo/Dell), with similar arrangement where the PC-unit is mounted behind the monitor and thereby prone to movement. It is only the NUC's that have this problem.
      Observing this and studying the Ethernet-port on the NUC's, they seem a bit looser. The metal pins inside the port seems to be mounted a little bit deeper, thus maybe providing a little bit less contact-surface and tension towards the rj-45 plug on the cable.


      We use cat. 5e cables, and we are going to try cat. 6 cables with metal shielded plugs, to see if they fit better.


      To us it seems like the NUC's are a bit off standard measurements on the Ethernet port. Anyone else observed this? Can someone else try manipulating the Ethernet cable just a bit, and check if "the lights go out"?




      Knut Helberg