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    HDMI sound lost


      I have two windows 7 PCs with i3-6100 providing graphics and sound through HDMI.  Both of them sporadically have the HDMI sound go away.  Typically, the playback audio devices no longer shows an entry for "Intel(R) Dispay Audio" and has a red X.  Typically I can fix it by uninstalling the "Intel(R) Display Audio" driver and then scan for hardware changes to reinstall it.  Occasionally it is more complicated, but if this could be fixed it would be a huge improvement.  One of the PCs is an HTPC where it is very user un-friendly to have to pull out a mouse and walk through the steps to reinstall to get sound working, particularly for family members who just want to watch recorded TV.


      Currently I am running the 4463 driver.  I tried the 4501 driver but it seemed markedly worse with respect to hitting this problem.  Of course I could have just been unlucky since it is sporadic.  However we still hit it almost every day at least once.  I attached the SSU for the HTPC taken while I had the "red X".  The HTPC is connected to an Insignia 37 inch TV via HDMI.  I have also hit the problem on a desktop PC connected to a HP 2310m display.  Any ideas on how to avoid this problem or track it down so it can be fixed?

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