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    Loud speaker noise when NUC output sound


      Hello All


      Here is a headache I have with my NUC 6I5 (with 2.5 HDD space) and Win 10.

      It seems each time NUC stops output sound, like music, it stops provide power to 3.5 headphone port. Then next time when system need output sound, the speak made a very loud noise for half second.

      Each time I chat with my friends, such as on Facebook, the loud noise before each message notification sound drives me crazy... it seems NUC stops provide power after 3-5 sec, so if my friends type fast enough, I do not have any issue...


      The speaker is BOSE Companion 2. I tested it on DELL XPS 9530 with Win 10, and my phone. No such issue.


      Sorry about my English... Any idea about this issue?