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    Stair-case artifact while playing video with hardware decoding enabled on Skylake


      I have a Thinkpad that came with i7-6700HQ CPU. I wanted to take advantage of the hardware decoding feature on skylake. I use PotPlayer as my primary video player to play videos. Whenever I use software decoding, videos play without any visual artifact. If I turn on hardware decoding, I start seeing a staircase as can be seen on the image below. Is this a driver issue? Can anyone confirm it?


      Some info on the video I was playing:

      Format                        : HEVC

      Format/Info                 : High Efficiency Video Coding

      Format profile             : Main@L4@Main

      Codec ID                    : V_MPEGH/ISO/HEVC

      Width                          : 1 920 pixels

      Height                         : 1 080 pixels

      Display aspect ratio    : 16:9

      Frame rate mode       : Variable

      Original frame rate     : 23.976 FPS

      Color space                : YUV

      Chroma subsampling : 4:2:0

      Bit depth                     : 8 bits