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    Processor Upgrade/Second Core Activation


      Hi everyone so I am in a bit of a pickle. I recently built a budget computer and and am using this motherboard linked below.




      Everything about what I built came together as I wanted it to except the CPU performance. I purchased a Intel Core2Duo 2.93 E7500. The problem is that I am only able to get one core to work. There is a setting in my BIOS called Core Multiplexing Technology that is currently off because everytime I tuned it on it forced my computer to blue screen. While that is irrelevant I need better performance from my CPU. I know the parts are dated but my question is in my windows settings , in the advanced tab there is an option to activate multiple cores. I have done it on my other computers I have but this one with a designated dual core processor only shows the one.


      Am I wrong in thinking this is a dual core?




      If I can do better what is the best Intel LGA775 socket processors with a 1066mhz bus out there? The compatible brands with my motherboard are below.

      • Pentium® 4
      • Pentium 4 with Hyper-Threading Technology
      • Pentium D
      • Celeron® D
      • Core™2 Extreme
      • Core2 Duo


      For a computer that was built with all factory new parts for less than $250 performance is good but I think my CPU is holding it all back. Thanks in advance for the help!