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    Ethernet AVB setup



      I am trying to create an Ethernet AVB demo setup with the following configuration:


      1. Talker running in a PC, with i210 - source code taken from Open AVB in Github - Linux 14.04

      2. Listener running in a PC with Intel 82579 LM based Network Controller - Linux 16.04


      I am able to build the code for talker and listener and talker application is running.

      The listener application terminates after receiving a few packets from talker. It seems the driver used in listener is not AVB compatible. We used the e1000e driver, since we found that the intel card used in the listener supports IEEE 802.1AS and IEEE 802.1Qav protocols which are the bare minimum support needed in a listener.


      Can anybody help me to resolve the issue? Should I get another driver or is the network card not expected to work in AVB?


      thank you,