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    Windows 7 Intel GMA 3100 display clone


      Hi guys,


      I am running Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit with a Intel GMA 3100 integrated graphics card(driver version


      I am wanting to clone the display that appears on my monitor onto my LCD TV screen. On my old PC running Windows XP I simply connected a VGA splitter to the PC and connected the TV and monitor to the splitter and that worked fine - the same display was on both the monitor and the TV.


      When I have tried this method on my new set-up the monitor goes black and the display only appears on my TV. When I disconnect the TV from the VGA splitter the display appears fine on the monitor. As the display appears fine on both the TV and monitor individually I have concluded it must be a software issue.


      When both the TV and monitor are connected to the splitter the graphics card only detects one of the displays and so will not let me select "clone mode" on graphics properties.


      Any thoughts or suggestions on how I can clone the display so it appears on both my TV and my monitor at the same time?


      Kind Regards