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    Problem with vtune 9.1


      Hi,  I'm using vtune but lately i have some problems with it.

      All my computers are Linux Debian oriented.

      On one of my computer ( core duo ) with 32 bit arch, i have no problems with runing vtune, before reinstalation debian i didnt have problem either on my secund computer ( Pentium D 830 x86_64). Unfortunately after reinstalation syatem and instalation vtune i recive some strange errors.

      After command:


                $ vtl activity -d 30 -c sampling -c callgraph -master sampling -app ./MY_APP run


      I recive ERROR:


                $ unable t o create environment file "./environment.xml" on xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx ( IP of my comp):[ERROR] unable to open SELI interface.


      1) every log files look normal ( i guess ) and without errors i mean vtune_driver_compilation.log and vtune_install.log


      2) problem probably is in vtserver becouse in user.log i have entry


                vtserver.bin: [ERROR] unable to open SELI interface.


      I was trying to "repare" it but i have no idea what is going on

      Its is just trial version, but if i wont be able to use it its no sence to buy it.

      If any body have clue what is going on please help.