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    i5 6600K Recommended Voltages Query (VCCIO/VCCSA/VCore)


      My situation is is that I have overclocked my 6600k to 4.6 Ghz using a x46 multiplier and set a vcore of 1.31 v in BIOS


      I have set it so my CPU doesn't downclock and stays at 4.6 the whole time. My first question is, is it okay to supply a surplus voltage to the CPU as long as it isn't too high? CPU-Z records my Core VID as between 1.19 - 1.25 v at idle and up to 1.29 v on load (IXT Benchmark utility). And the supplied voltage (from AIDA64) is at 1.31 - 1.32 v.


      Second question relates to safe VCCIO and VCCSA voltages. As a result of overclocking my RAM I am now required to set a voltage of 1.24 VCCIO and 1.22 VCCSA in order for my computer to boot successively . BIOS readings show 1.29 for VCCIO and 1.24 for VCCSA. The XMP profiles (for my RAM) do not work with my motherboard and result in my computer not booting (just blank screen and no POST).


      I tried to look at the specification of the CPU but it didn't specify a max voltage for these settings. I have used this http://www.tweaktown.com/guides/7481/tweaktowns-ultimate-intel-skylake-overclocking-guide/index5.html as a guide for the voltages and it states 1.25 v is the max safe voltage but my BIOS readings show my VCCIO as slightly higher at 1.29. I am mainly worried that these voltages are too high and might be damaging the CPU.


      My mother board is a Z170 Asus Pro Gamer with Corsair LPX Vengeance 16GB (15-17-17-35) DDR4 @ 3000 Mhz (standard is 2133 Mhz).