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    R200 - speed performing SLAM with ROS


      Dear all, I am interested in to order a RealSense R200 dev. kit.


      As I undertood this device contains 2 IR cameras and 1 color cam. With the 2 IR cams and an ASIC you deliver the disparity map (depth information) as a video streaming. Also you stream the video of the color cam.
      My question is how fast is the disparity map stream, because I saw some videos on youtube performing an SLAM with ROS (I want to do the same) but a they run with robots at very very slow speed.
      Could you clarify this aspects please?

      I am not sure if the equipment is able to measure if I embark it in the frontal part of a bicycle for example. I know that the camera have a range of 20m of depth and 30Hz of refresh, but I did not see any video or coment in your website.


      As a second question, on this website link I saw two devices called identically but with diferent picture and price (946432 Price: $99.00  &  VF0830 Price: $169.00).

      Can you clarify if is the same device please?



      Best regards,