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    Intel NUC5i3 + Microsoft Designer Bluetooth® Desktop (HID/GATT/Low Energy) + Windows 7


      Hello Community,


      i have a NUC5i3RYK with Windows 7/64 installed. All Drivers are up2date. I connect the Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Desktop (Keyboard + Mouse) via Bluetooth to the NUC and all works perfect (almost no latency, can do internet, music, keyboard and mouse simultaneously via BT)! Only one little "problem": After reboot, only mouse works/keyboard doesnt. So i have to use screen-keyboard to login. Status of keyboard in BT-manager is authenticated/connected after reboot but i cant write. After deleting the device and pair it again, all works fine again. Have already done some experiments with BT-services (google search) but no luck. Do you have some ideas?


      Thanks & cheers, Chris