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    DP45SG showin 2.4Ghz instead 3.0Ghz Intel Q9650?


      Hi Budds


      Need a help here please


      I am using Intel Quad Core 3.0Ghz and DP45SG


      The problem i am facing is occured when i completely Turn OFF the system even Turn OFF the Power supply Switch or Un-Plug it from the wall.


      So when i Turn ON the power switch and Turn On the System it shows me 2.4ghz instead of 3.0ghz (and it happend every time when i completely Turn OFF the Main Power as mention above) so i have to restart the Sysrem to run it properly on 3.0ghz


      I am really getting fedup cos of this i have even install the latest BIOS but nothing helps still the same senario

      pls help me out guys to resolve this bloody issue appreciate it thx to all in advance


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          guys i have found a new problem after a very through search in BIOS, then reason my board shows 2.4ghz is cos when i change the setting of After Power Failure in the BIOS to Stay OFF and reboot the pc it shows me reading 2.4Ghz, but if i change it to Last State or Power ON then it shows me the correct reading 3.0ghz so how can i resolve this issue cos when ever i change the option to last state or Power ON my PC got start automatically with out even i touch the power button of my casing either i shut down or restart. This board is really makin me crazy now


          and also pls tell me what program i should use to get back the system on the previous state from intel speed up technology?