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    Guest cannot connect (Guest Access Plugin - Standalone, v3)


      I installed a standalone Hub with Unite V3.

      Hub is a NUC NUC5i5MYBE connected to LAN (cable) and unconnected WLAN module.

      I also installed the Guest Access Plugin out of the V3 download package.

      Client can connect and present successfully.


      I can start Guest Access.

      Hub transmits Ad-Hoc WLAN.

      Guest client can connect and download the Unite software.

      Software installed and started.

      Guest client can ping the hub via the Ad-Hoc WLAN.

      Configured shared key in Unite Client.

      Entering PIN - connection not successful.


      Started network monitor on Hub.

      UDP packet to port 16996 from guest client arrives, two times.

      Not any response from the hub on any network interface (WLAN, LAN)

      Then error message on the guest client is shown.


      I also created an additional firewall rule for

      %ProgramFiles% (x86)\Intel\Intel Unite\GuestAccess\Service\GuestAccessService.exe

      (all protocols, all ports, all network types)


      What can I do to be able to connect with the guest client?