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    Driver 20/ causing Blank/Black Screen after reboot on Lenovo X1 2015 (20BS)


      My Lenovo Carbon X1 (20BS) fails to properly install the Intel HD Graphics 5500 driver, causing a black/blank screen after installation finishes.


      I asked this question on the Lenovo Support forum, but they're silent as the grave on this topic.

      Intel 15/ causes Black Screen after O... - Lenovo Community


      Windows Update, the Intel Driver Update Utility and Lenovo Companion are all trying to push the driver to my system. The Lenovo update site states that it repackages the driver version. After installation the hardware unplugged/plugged sound of Windows is audible and then the screen turns black. After rebooting this remains. The Lenovo logo appears, the windows 10 spinner appears and then when you'd normally get the logon screen, everything turns black.


      I can see by the activation of the fingerprint scanner that Windows seems to be working just fine and I  can seemingly log on using it, but I can't get the screen to work. Connecting my external screen to the Mini DisplayPort connector doesn't work either. Connecting a screen to the Lenovo Onelink Pro adapter and the dock doesn't work either.


      To revert to the previous driver I'm forced to perform a Safe Mode boot, open the Device Manager and uninstall the Intel driver. Upon reboot the driver reverts to: which is working as expected.


      I've since turned on Defer Updates in Windows Update and unchecked the driver in Lenovo Companion so it won't get applied automatically.


      So far I've tried to uninstall the current driver from the Device Manager and from the Programs and features before installing the new driver. I've tried the Lenovo installer as well as the Intel installer, both suffer from the exact same problem.


      Any other thoughts on how to make this work again?