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    "Unrecognized Fixup Data!"


      Trying to update my X25-M firmware on a Gateway P7801u laptop. Removed old hdd. Fresh windows 7 install on SSD.

         i've created the CD using the ISO image and verified the files on the cd (they all look to be present and uncorrupted). I turn off my computer, wait 10s, turn the computer back on. Starts to boot from the cd then drops to a DOS prompt with something like [ptype\w] and the message after that "Unrecognized fixup Data!".

         Any idea what I need to do to properly update my firmware? I saw another post on the internet that indicated putting the image onto a thumb drive may work, but I don't own a thumb drive (crazy i know) and didn't want to go out and purchase one on the off chance I may be able to update with it. Help! Thanks!