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    Twice defective M3 stick!!!


      I bought an M3 Intel stick earlier this year in May and have been using it till last month when it got weird on me, it kept restarting the Windows when I choose to shutdown, I even reset back to factory default yet it still had this shutdown problem so I returned it to Amazon and got a new replacement yesterday, guess what?, this replacement is also defective, I start watching videos and green dots keep flashing all over the video, I updated to the latest Intel graphics driver for this stick yet still this issue of dots appears on the video, I format the stick as a last resort but still no use, those dots flashing won't go away, I read online that its a sign of a defective graphic card, so I give up, once again sending it back to Amazon and will not be getting another one, its not worth it, please Intel check your devices properly before selling them to consumers.