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    Line In levels on D975BX2


      I'm running Windows 7 x64 Home premium, yes I am aware a true audio driver doesn't exist so I'm winging it with the driver for Vista x64.




      The audio drivers have always been problematic from day one, even on Win XP Pro x32.  Line in acts like a mic input.  The signal overpowers the system and there's plenty of unwanted overdrive.  If I back the signal down it loses clarity to a point of being muffled.  Currently I can't seem to locate the volume control for the line input, and the layout of the mixers and audio controls is ridiculous.  At this time there are NO audio cards that properly support Windows 7 x64 that are within reason (price)  Am I just screwed for the line in or is there something buiried under the Windows layout that solves my problem?