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    RealSense Camera Software & Driver Update

    Intel Corporation
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      Hello Wil2015,
      Just checking – this is how you can set up your Intel® RealSense Camera:
      Please download the driver related to your Intel® RealSense:
      Please run Windows updates just to make sure you have the DCM package installed and restart your system or you can download the Intel® RealSense™ Depth Camera Manager.
      If the information provided above does not work, please reinstall the INF driver from your system manufacturer and restart your system, you can download the driver here:
      Please be aware that for some systems, sleep mode or hibernation can cause devices to behave erratically, especially when the computer has not been rebooted for several days. If you start, seeing issues with the camera not being found or working erratically, reboot your computer so that the OS can dispose of unused resources.
      As a rule, make sure that the objects interacting with the camera are within arm's length.
      Rapid hand and body movements can be difficult to capture. If you start seeing issues with the app, slow your movements down.
      Close the Camera application and restart it.