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    Windows 10 - Rapid Storage Driver causes Graphics Driver to crash


      Hello everyone,


      Ive been having lots of graphic driver crashes during my gaming sessions and after closing out my graphics card as a fault (bought a GTX 980 today) I decided to check windows eventlog. After that it was pretty clear that Intel RST was the problem here. At the exact time when i encountered the freezes and graphic driver crashed Intel Rapid Storage Technology, which is part of my chipset drivers, blocked my volumes by resetting Raid/0. I dont use any Raid Technology (except for Raid/0 aka Striping of course).


      What i wanted to ask is, if theres any benefit if I dont need any Raid Technologies like Mirroring. I also dont use the feature that "unites" some of my physical volumes to one logical volume.

      Currently I have RST uninstalled and that fixed the problem. The thing is: I've had it installed for a couple years and there never happened to be any problem, so I'm quite curious what seems to be the problem.


      Is there any workaround?


      Thanks in advance,