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    Do All Quad Processors fail within the 1st year?


      2 years ago, I purchased a Quad 6600 processor. Within 5 months of having it, my system started crashing. Hence, I got intel to replace the processor (took about 2-3 weeks). In the meantime, I had to purchase a new system since I could not just sit around doing nothing for 3 weeks. So I purchased another quad processor, the 9550. Well, within 9 months that processor started shutting down my system due to overheat (in the middle of winter). It was faulty and I am now waiting for Intel to send me the replacement processor.


      From my experience, there is a 100% failure rate on Quad processors within the first year. Yes, Intel will replace them, but how come these processors are so junky? Is anyone having the same problems? Yes, I have fans by the ying-yang on the processor, and I use Intel Motherboards. Still, these processors seems to be built to die within 6 months of operation.