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    intel driver update utility


      this driver update utility has so many problems, for example shows that an update is available, then downloads it, then installs it, and after a reboot it still wants to install it again and again. Low quality useless pseudo update program, sometimes doing an update actually UNINSTALLS the driver, I guess it is because the driver package is not made to be used through this utility. Loads of incorrectly recognized versions that are actually older instead of newer, etc.


      i am using a nuc6i7kyk machine and this utility can't manage to update at least 3 drivers! for example the Card reader driver or nuvoton CIR. Always shows that the installed driver version is not what it had installed just a moment ago!


      All in all, total garbage and can only break the system, and definitely not update it. Either the intel driver packages are programmed incorrectly, or the utility can't manage to recognize their versions.